Established in 2004, this independent firm has found a natural home in the birthplace of watchmaking, and operates from an elegant villa in Geneva. Master craftsmen produce the watches in the purest Swiss tradition, in the town of Calvin. Appealing to an elite clientele, from the executive businessman seeking a symbol of his powerful aura to the creative entrepreneur who finds inspiration in fascinating and beautiful objects, Ratel watches capture the thrill of adventure and exploration in the modern world. These highly individual, exclusive timepieces proudly display their bold architectural features. Finished to the very highest standards, they radiate prestige and performance to striking effect.

Now, Ratel's seductive combination of timeless Swiss heritage, cutting-edge technologies and head-turning designs is gathering momentum around the world. Increasing numbers of style-conscious celebrities are keen to acquire their very own Ratel creations. They know their cherished timepiece will reflect and enhance their individuality and underline their sophisticated taste. To capitalise on its growing reputation, Ratel is in the process of attracting high-profile ambassadors from glamorous backgrounds such as film and entertainment, to promote its values and designs. Meanwhile, the brand continues to expand its presence in luxury outlets worldwide and is poised for further development in strategic locations such as Paris, Miami, St Tropez and London, which will serve as a springboard to emerging markets. Ratel also plans to raise its profile through upmarket events, bringing its unique style to a wider discerning audience through exciting new partnerships currently in the pipeline.

Capturing the dreams of modern explorers, reflecting the cultural riches of the world, Ratel watches mark the beginning of an adventure that will last a lifetime.