Bold or Nothing

As the world keeps changing, so do the men who run it.

It was a crisp Geneva morning almost fifteen years ago when Ratel first saw the light.

Created with the premise of changing the status quo by appealing to an elite clientele, from successful businessmen seeking a symbol of exclusive status to the creative entrepreneur who finds inspiration in fascinating materials, vivid destinations and the finer things in life, Ratel watches capture the thrill of adventure and exploration in the modern world. These highly individual and iconic timepieces proudly display bold and flawless architectural imprints. Finished to the highest standards, they project an aura of independence, prestige and performance to striking effect

Now, Ratel's seductive combination of timeless Swiss heritage, cutting-edge manufacturing processes and head-turning original designs has gathered momentum around the world. Rapidly gaining prominence and becoming a fixture within today's most influential industries such as film, fashion, music and entertainment.

Meanwhile, the brand continues to expand its presence in luxury retail spaces in strategic locations around the planet such as Paris, Miami, Dubai, St Tropez and London.

Ratel has also taken decisive action to bring the brand closer to its clients by participating as a sponsor and timekeeper for world class sporting events (golf, polo and mixed martial arts) in different countries.

Capturing the dreams of modern visionaries, reflecting the radiant splendor of life lived at its highest level, Ratel watches validate a choice made by those who only expect the best and mark the beginning of an adventure that will last a lifetime.